The Side Hustle Manifesto

At Eighty-Eight we want to bring side hustles out of the shadows.

Having a side hustle doesn’t mean that you don’t love your day job and aren’t committed to it. It doesn’t mean you want to leave your full-time job to pursue it (although it might, and that’s okay too). It doesn’t mean you’re working on it throughout the day instead of making your day job a priority. And it certainly doesn’t mean that you’re a bad employee who needs to be banished because you made $20 selling a t-shirt on Etsy.

We want to celebrate the side hustle and make it acceptable to talk about them in the office. Not only that, we want to harness the creativity and skillsets within agencies to not only make it acceptable to talk about them, but to make agencies a place where you can work on employee side hustles like a client project and bring together your team’s skillsets to further your team members’ creative endeavors.

Our mission is to show that agencies can be as entrepreneurial as startups, and can support and embrace their team’s creative endeavours - while still doing great work for clients and remaining focused on the larger agency mission. We challenge agency owners around the world to take the Side Hustle pledge and commit to:

  1. Making your agency a place that celebrates team members’ side hustles and lets people talk about them openly

  2. Working on one of your team’s side hustles like a client project every month to harness the skillsets of your team and support their individual passions

  3. Getting rid of archaic policies that forbid side hustles, and instead treat your team members like adults and trust them to get their work done while still maintaining passions outside of work

Side hustles don’t have to be a taboo. Let’s work together to make them a celebrated part of agency culture.