The County Wine Tours

Name: Erin Bury
Day Job: Managing Director, Eighty-Eight

Side Hustle: Co-Founder, The County Wine Tours
Location: Toronto

If you’ve ever had the honour of joining Erin Bury in a night of board games, then you’ll know three things to be true. She’s a fierce competitor, she has no end of interesting ideas to share, and she’s quite fond of her wine. Not only do these qualities lend themselves to making her a great Settlers of Catan adversary, but they also steered the way to the inception, launch, and resulting success of her side hustle - The County Wine Tours.

Erin is no stranger to the world of entrepreneurial grit and hustle. Having entered that world nearly a decade ago, she’s always had a passion (and knack) for building businesses and brands into bigger, better, and cooler versions of themselves. With the creation of The County Wine Tours, she and partners Genevive Savundranayagam and Sheba Zaidi were able to truly build something from the ground up.

Since launching in April 2017, The County Wine Tours is now running like a well-oiled machine (not unlike the slick blue bikes that have come to represent the business). When Erin isn’t kicking ass as Managing Director at the helm of Eighty-Eight, she’s putting in work for her side hustle from managing Facebook ads to working with SEO specialists to PR outreach. And when she has a moment to breathe? Netflix and a crisp glass of Prince Edward County wine are close at hand.