Preggie Prints

Name: Christian Khan  
Day Job: Senior Manager of Performance Marketing, Abacus

Side Hustle: Co-Founder, Preggie Prints
Location: Toronto 

In 2005 our favourite dysfunctional family, The Simpsons, presented 3D-printing to us in the form of a cake. A handful of years later the tech was taking over. Most of us sat and watched that 3D printed cake merely thinking it was cool, but Christian Khan’s brain cogs started whirring.

Before becoming the Senior Manager of Performance Marketing at Abacus, a Facebook advertising agency, Christian was running a full-scale 3D printing business. The business was making 3D models for anyone and everyone. While this meant working on a ton of interesting projects and people (like Snoop Dogg), it also meant they were spreading themselves too thin. Eventually Christian walked away. But that desire to work with this cutting-edge technology still lingered. He had the knowledge, the skills, and the opportunity to invest in his own 3D-printing equipment. He also had the insight that excited, soon-to-be-moms were a unique niche. With these tools ready and armed in his arsenal, Preggie Prints was born (pardon the pun).

It’s not always easy to jump into side hustle work once the 9-5 day comes to an end, but Christian stays motivated. Not only is he getting to use that sophisticated 3D scanning technology that has always piqued his interest, but he gets to see the giddy happiness his replica 3D prints bring these soon-to-be moms. Christian aims to be Toronto’s go-to company for maternity figurines, but is happy with setting small goals and enjoying clients’ reactions until then. Big, genuine smiles are not something one tires of quickly.