Name: Charlene D’Aoust
Day Job: Former PR Director, Eighty-Eight, now full-time side hustler
Side Hustle: Co-Founder, iHalo Krunch
Location: Toronto

When digital Instagram historians of the future look back to the 21st century, there are certain things that will epitomize the time we spent during this brief and wondrous time on earth. One is our narcissistic tendency to post selfies for no good reason and the other is the fascination with capturing the aesthetics of what’s on our plate rather than eating it. Charlene D’Aoust, being the savvy PR and marketing guru that she is, has managed to transcend these trends in the here and now.

When Charlene followed not only her heart, but her stomach, and pursued a side hustle that spoke to what she loved, the resounding answer was ice cream. Not just any ice cream, but a creamy, delicious, and unbelievably cool cone. A cone so cool that on top of satisfying your urge to take a selfie and snap a foodie pic, your sweet tooth cravings will be fulfilled as well, because posting on Instagram isn’t good enough for this gothic soft-serve - you have to eat it too. It’s that good.

She and her partner (in both business and life), Tuan Nguyen, took their skills in business and hospitality, and combined them with their insatiable drive to pursue something that was all their own. It’s this drive that stoked the fires of what began as their side hustle. Today, iHalo Krunch has become one of Toronto’s most popular and beloved purveyors of ice cream, as well as Charlene’s full-time job since leaving her job as Eighty-Eight’s PR Director to grow the business full-time. Did we say job? We meant to say passion.