Hottest Cold Weather Influencer

Name:  Mrs. Claus
Day Job: First Lady of the North Pole
Side Hustle: Hottest Cold Weather Influencer
Location: North Pole

They say behind every great man stands a great woman. While this may be a tired saying, as well as a frustrating representation of our society, it’s not not true. There’s the Hillary to her Bill, the Amal to her George, and the Mrs. Claus to her Mister. While we know Mrs. Claus as Santa’s wife - baking cookies and overseeing some of the elf related logistics - her interests have always extended far beyond just that. A once little known fact about Mrs. Claus is that she has always been something of a tastemaker.

Even as a young girl, Mrs. Claus had very particular opinions about things. Opinions that were so sound, and backed with such confident conviction, that her peers paid close attention. It wasn’t uncommon for Mrs. Claus to come to school wearing something the rest of the class had never seen, and a week later have the garment donned by every co-ed in the school. If Mrs Claus brought peppermint patties for lunch, so did everyone else. If Mrs. Claus loved the latest documentary on polar bears, so did everyone else. This continued her whole life, especially as she and her husband gained more notoriety. On one particularly quiet day, Mrs. Claus got deep into a Google search on how to start a blog, with the hopes of giving people an inside look into she and her husband’s life in the North Pole.

As time progressed, the blog transformed into a curated collection of the things she loved, and her thoughts on current events and culture. Given her visibility in the community both locally and abroad, it was no surprise that her following grew exponentially as time went on. She now has a loyal community of followers who refer to her blog, She Wore Red Velvet, as their guide to what’s hot. Brands flock to the North Pole’s hottest influencer, in the hopes she’ll back what they’re doing, and any event attended by Mrs. Claus becomes the biggest of the season. While she still loves her involvement in the business of Christmas, nothing gets her more excited than a slew of new followers or her next unboxing video. Whether she’s helping her hubby in the toy shop, or doing it for the ‘gram, Mrs. Claus shows no signs of stopping her hustle.