Honey Lemon Events

Photograph by Emma

Name: Hafsa Pathan  
Day Job: PR Account Executive, Eighty-Eight

Side Hustle: Founder, Honey Lemon Events
Location: Toronto

If a book was being published about Hafsa Pathan it would be titled one of two things. Option 1: ‘Anything Beyonce can do I can do too’ or Option 2: ‘I don’t know how she does it!’, a phrase that is as true as it is cliche. Mother of one (soon to be two), PR exec by day, and thriving side hustler the rest of the time. While it’s an easy task for Sarah Jessica Parker to play this exact role in a movie, Hafsa is actually living it, not to mention absolutely slaying it.

Planning events and small-scale parties comes naturally to Hafsa. With her background in PR, an eye that any Pinterester would envy, and a true gift for snack selection, Hafsa’s business, Honey Lemon Events was destined to succeed. What started as an idea to do event planning quickly grew into styling and a product line as well. Hafsa was quick to notice a gap in the market for Instagram-worthy home and party decor for those celebrating Eid, and made the most of this opportunity.

The impressive side hustler (who dreams of making it big on Ellen one day) celebrated her first really big win this past year with a huge product launch in a Chapters location. Next year she hopes to make it national. Despite the complete lack of sleep, Hafsa is staunch in her belief that this hustle will one day be totally worth the hard work. Balancing it all - motherhood, family life, a career, and a side hustle - isn’t easy, but she wouldn’t trade being known as ‘The Honey Lemon Girl’ for anything.