Founder of the Coolest New Delivery App

Name: Rudolph Rougenez
Day Job: Lead Reindeer
Side Hustle: Founder of the Coolest New Delivery App
Location: North Pole

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but let’s face it - the world is bursting at the seams with problems. There are obviously big world issues that cause concern, but there’s also the breed of problem that reads more along the lines of ‘Ugh! They’re out of my favourite cashew milk!’ Not truly devastating, but definitely a nuisance. No matter their size or nature, these problems are just waiting to be solved. Those who tackle them, the hustlers who walk among us, not only manage to diminish the number of nuisances in our world, but they also tend to experience great success. Take Rudolph for example.

Many would think being the saviour of Christmas, as well as the world’s most recognized and distinguished reindeer, would be satisfaction enough, but Rudolph is constantly striving to do and help more. One night he and his buddies were partaking in a late night of reindeer games. The group had neglected to predict the onset of late night hunger they would experience, and were completely unprepared. One friend, Dasher, thinking aloud wished they could use Santa’s sleigh to go pick up some balsam burgers from a favourite local spot. Just like that, the idea for Food Dasher was born.

Food Dasher has quickly grown to become the North Pole’s most beloved late night delivery app, providing locals with their favourite eats when they need it most, as if by magic. Simply download the app (enjoy a first time user 25% discount), choose from the participating local grub providers (sometimes literally), and select the meals you’d like to be delivered. You won’t have to wait long before a reindeer-flown sleigh arrives at your doorstep with your food. While Rudolph plans to lead Santa’s sleigh for many years to come, this won’t slow him down with the development and expansion of Food Dasher.