Arts and Ideas Editor


Name: Blair Mlotek
Day Job: Account Manager, A&C Inc.
Side Hustle: Freelance Writer
Location: Toronto

What do Margaret Atwood, a person with a megaphone, and Blair Mlotek all have in common? They all have something to say, and they’re not afraid of being heard, loud and clear. There’s no right or wrong way to pursue a side hustle, but you really know you’re doing something right if your extra time is being consumed by something you unabashedly love.

Blair can definitely check this box on the ‘How to be a badass side hustler’ checklist. When Blair isn’t killing it as the lead of A&C’s art clients, she’s working as a freelance writer for a number of different publications. What’s she been working on lately? Let Blair’s words convince you to read Hannah Kent’s latest book in her Toronto Star review or provide you with an informal introduction to the artist Ai Weiwei in her Toronto Life piece. No matter the project, Blair’s writing will pique your interest.

Being a busy freelance writer means nights of research, interviewing, editing, and fact-checking. Peers who don’t get what having a side hustle is all about may think this sounds like a shit night, but Blair is content with missing happy hour in pursuit of her passion. Why? What’s in it for her aside from the extra cash and bylines? Stories! For Blair it’s all about telling stories. That’s why she’s been writing her entire life, and why she made it a career.

From her undergrad in English, to her Masters’ in journalism, it’s always been about stories. She’s on an eternal hunt for the story that has yet to be told, the one about that amazing and fascinating person that people haven’t heard from. Whether it’s freelancing, delving into the realm of fiction and publishing a book, or picking up a completely new side hustle, Blair will continue to tell stories - her own and others’ - in the pursuit of challenging people’s ways of thinking.